Banquet hall

Aplace for an elegant business banquet, lunch for conference participants, an interesting company event. In the Martins Inn Hotel you will find the ideal banquet room, which will be arranged in accordance with the event organizers' requirements.

banquet hall

100-3000 persons/ Capacity

Our team has many years of experience in organizing professional banquets, receptions and prestigious corporate events. We offer a spacious room. The arrangement of the room can be adapted to any type of banquet: a sophisticated lunch, an elegant dinner, a tasteful afterparty. Our specialists will help you to design a comfortable space, adjusted to the number of people and the character of the meeting. We also provide professional service and a variety of dining facilities that will appeal to even the most demanding guests. We approach each order individually, always trying to emphasize the unique nature of the event.
Participants of banquets organized at the Martins Inn Hotel can enjoy access to the elegant Resturant, where excellent coffee and delicious Foods are served. The Banquet space - due to its spaciousness and luxurious design - is often used as a place for exhibitions and company exhibitions.